What is CBD?


If you’re here, you aren’t here by mistake. CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the most exciting new ventures in the medical and scientific industry as more and more studies are executed on the compound. With so many different varieties and options, you really can’t go wrong with whatever you choose. There’s really just something for everyone!

Of course, with so many details and ins and outs that go into CBD, it can be confusing to understand it and to differentiate it from marijuana or other derivatives. That’s where we come in -- to provide you everything you need to know so you can make the best decision for yourself!


  • Not all CBD is the same - there’s Full-Spectrum, Broad-Spectrum, and Isolate… which we’ll get into in a bit.
  • CBD does not give you a “high”.
  • CBD is legal to buy and own in all 50 states (as long as it is derived from hemp).
  • CBD is seen as generally safe as it does not affect heart rate, blood pressure, or body temperature, and nor does it affect psychological functions.
CBD Molecule 

Different CBD Products & Spectrums - 

There are quite a few different CBD products to choose from based on what suits your needs best. There are vapes, oils, and topical treatments that you can choose from that may be right for you.

Full-Spectrum: Full-Spectrum CBD products consist of multiple cannabis plant extracts, (essential oils, terpenes, and other cannabinoids) They may also contain up to 0.3% of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which may not be suitable for all CBD users, so it’s best to find out what works best for you and research those products!

Broad-Spectrum: This option is best for those who do not wish to have any THC traces in their CBD. Broad-Spectrum consists of a range of natural compounds from the cannabis plant, but usually do not contain any tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Isolate: CBD Isolate is a form of CBD which does not contain any THC. (Most other CBD products typically contain a very small amount of THC, so this is also a great option for those not looking to ingest any trace amounts of THC). 

If you’re worried about what exactly is in your CBD, fear not -- you can easily find lab reports for any product you’re looking at on DOPE’s website, listing all ingredients and other details you’ll need to make the best decision and purchase.

Evidence Shown In Medical News Today - 

A lot of this research is actually funded by the U.S. government, citing anecdotal reports from people who have used it. The WHO (World Health Organization) noted back in 2017 that CBD is completely safe and non-toxic (even in high doses)! Harvard Health also confirmed this in a later 2018 study. 

Whether it’s true-blue scientific research or simple stories passed down the grapevine, take it from the many testimonials on DOPE’s website and see for yourself just how incredible DOPE CBD is!

General CBD FAQs
This is one of the most popular questions out there and it’s totally based on what works for YOU. There are topicals, capsules, gummies, and vapes, and based on the delivery method you’re aiming for, this will ultimately help you to decide on what product is best. It really is just based on personal preference, so think about what you think is best for yourself before purchasing.
Whatever product you purchase will have recommendations on the dosage you should take in addition to how many times a day. Additionally, it’s important to note that everyone’s bodies are different and will react to different dosages differently. Many will usually start off just taking one capsule, for example, to see how their body reacts. After monitoring bodily reactions, people will increase the dosage or remain the same. It takes a bit of experimentation to figure out what works for you.
You’re not wrong in that there are several other businesses and companies out there promoting CBD products. But what makes DOPE stand out from the rest is that we focus on not only accessibility but also the quality of the products you’re purchasing. DOPE showcases the integrity of our products by presenting lab reports for every product as well so you can ensure you’re purchasing what is advertised. You can 100% trust us to get what you NEED.
CBD products must contain less than .3% THC to be legal in the United States.
Hemp and marijuana are different species of Cannabis sativa. With that being said, they are also both bred for different purposes. Industrial hemp is produced by Cannabis sativa, while marijuana can be derived from either Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica.

Additionally, both hemp and marijuana contain CBD, but hemp has a much higher percentage of it (not to confuse that with THC). Hemp actually has lower levels of THC than the marijuana species.
Full-Spectrum CBD is CBD oil that has retained all of its additional phytocannabinoids (CBD-V, CBN, CBG), along with the natural terpenes found in the hemp plant. There are trace amounts of THC in the CBD, slightly below 0.3%, so you will not experience the same “high” of ingesting marijuana.

Broad-Spectrum CBD has all the additional cannabinoids and terpenes of the hemp plant, but without the detectable amount of THC, appearing below a 0.01% threshold.

CBD Isolate is a form of CBD which does not contain any THC. (Most other CBD products typically contain a very small amount of THC, so this is also a great option for those not looking to ingest any trace amounts of THC).
CBD that is extracted from hemp and has less than .3% THC is legal at the federal level. Each U.S. state does have its own laws regarding CBD and therefore the legality of CBD products can vary from state to state.
No, since CBD products contain less than .3% THC, you cannot experience the same “high” feeling you would get from ingesting marijuana.
All DOPE CBD products are made in the USA!