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Posted by Alex Floro

For Spring ’15 Drop 2, DOPE was inspired by the rise of the luminary. From the reign of the ruling elite to the daily come up of the common man, the desire to be the best drives all paths to greatness. DOPE looked towards young greats across all culture to create graphics and silhouettes inspired by fine art, cult film, 90’s hip-hop, and medieval nobility. Collections like DOPE BOYZ and Affiliated represent the rise to greatness while the Beheaded, Guillotine, and Shattered tees illustrate the fall that historically comes next. Continuing the theme of expansion, DOPE’s growth in the knit category plays a significant role in this delivery with the release of new silhouettes like the lightweight knit drug rug and the introduction of new knits to familiar pieces such as the short sleeve hooded pullover and baseball jersey. The collection is tied together with a fresh spring color palette that brings contrast to the black and white elements of the release. See entire lookbook after the jump. Spring '15 Drop 2 is now available on and at DOPE Fairfax. 2015-SP15-Del02-11x175 2015-SP15-Del02-11x173 2015-SP15-Del02-11x174 2015-SP15-Del02-11x172 2015-SP15-Del02-11x176 2015-SP15-Del02-11x177 2015-SP15-Del02-11x178 2015-SP15-Del02-11x179 2015-SP15-Del02-11x1710 2015-SP15-Del02-11x1711 2015-SP15-Del02-11x1712 2015-SP15-Del02-11x1713 2015-SP15-Del02-11x1714 2015-SP15-Del02-11x1715 2015-SP15-Del02-11x1716 2015-SP15-Del02-11x1717