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Fall 2014 Inspiration - Crash and Burn

Steve McQueen, James Dean. These style icons are known for timeless looks that could be worn just as easily today as they were in their time. Though we all take cues from timeless simplicity, there are some icons that fall on the other side of the spectrum.

For Fall 2014 we drew inspiration from the 1995 film Hackers, a movie that boldly combined elements from punk, rave, and hacker culture to build a unique vision of urban teens in the 90’s that may be more relevant today than it was almost 20 years ago.

Unlike movies like KIDS which helped to define the streetwear movement in the 90’s, Hackers was a film depicting a story that had yet to unfold. The characters weren’t a mirror to real urban life, they were a patchwork of every culture accessible. Hackers showed the world what happens when information is freely available and there are no boundaries to your inspiration. One of the first portrayals of the internet generation.

We have always connected with this concept and a Hackers-inspired line has been in the works for years. 

Featuring hockey, soccer, and motocross jerseys alongside technical vests, flight suits, and rock-inspired tees in various washes, DOPE’s Fall 2014 line takes cues from the film’s daring take on fashion and encourages creative layering and modification to create the personalized look that was embodied by each unique character in Hackers

Be timeless by being daring. Nothing is off limits. Hack the planet.

Fall 2014 Delivery 1 now available online.


Photography // Maggie West