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DOPE CBD Buying Guide

DOPE CBD Buying Guide


It is not surprising that both young and old, male and female, now resort to CBD products like a daily meal. Despite the intricacies of many CBD derivatives, some CBD product manufacturers have now managed to stand out in excellent production. A vivid example is a DOPE, a CBD product manufacturer that has carved out rare but quality ratings and identity in the CBD industry by consistently producing the best CBD products you can ever find out there.   But what makes DOPE CBD products different? Why are they rated above their competitors, and why are many consumers demanding DOPE CBD Products in every health and grocery store? The answer is simple, the quality of their CBD products is invaluable and immeasurable. Following the initial consumption of DOPE CBD products by new consumers, many of these consumers have now realized just how high-quality it actually is.

Dope CBD Lemon Gummies

Dope CBD Lemon Gummies are perfect if you're new to CBD. Its relatively low CBD MG makes it the perfect option to experience CBD at a your desired pace. Also, nothing beats the idea of taking CBD at any place, any time, wherever you want it. They're very delicious and sizable enough to last you for weeks.  At 600mg, you can be taking 20mg per day, and you are set for a whole month. This Cannabinadiol product is finely made with citrus flavoring and packed in a 30-ct pack for portability and ease of taking it around anywhere you go. CBD Lemon Gummies are generally recommended by people that have taken them before or who originally started out with them. You can easily order online at by clicking this link.

Dope CBD Capsules

If you're looking for higher dose CBD or full-spectrum CBD, these Dope CBD Capsules are your best bet.  Dope CBD Capsules are made with CO2 extracting technology to get the purest CBD oil possible. Each capsule offers a reasonable size of 25mg per capsule (5 more MG than one gummy). This allows you to consume a pack for at least a week. For someone that doesn't want to have a taste of CBD, this is perfect for you. You can easily take it with a glass of water, just like conventional capsules. Find it here, at

Dope CBD Body Butter

This is another great option for CBD consumers out there. Beginner or experienced CBD consumers love this alternative to ingesting CBD. This DOPE CBD Body Butter is light and fluffy made with fruit flavor that gives off an incredible aroma for consumers to continue using.  Dope CBD Body Butter is Broad Spectrum packed with 200mg of high-potency CBD. With a refreshing grapefruit scent, Dope CBD Body Butter delivers a hydrated feeling when applied to the body. It is easily applicable and can be used directly on the skin to see the maximum effect and how amazing it works. Use it after the shower, beach, or even before the gym! Find it here at


The crowd favorite- Dope CBD Lip Balm. Dope produces CBD Lip Balm to cater to the impact of harsh weather. Made with high-quality, organically grown CBD hemp oil, this Dope product is formulated to serve its moisturizing purpose to consumers. Dope CBD Lip Balm is a topical product whose idea came from the high-flying experts at Dope, and it is composed of high-quality ingredients to give consumers a soothed feeling in the dry winter months or hot summer months. Take it with you wherever you go! Find it here at

Dope CBD Roll-On

Dope CBD Roll-On is great for an athlete or anybody who exercises often. With the physical discomfort associated with post-work-out moments for individuals, the best way to combat it is to use Dope CBD Targeted Relief Roll-On. This fantastic topical product can be applied anywhere on the external body, thereby giving you a combined relief with the cooling power of menthol to make your body feel refreshed. Its compact size is great to throw in your gym bag and it’s also extremely affordable and relatively cheaper than competitors. It will indeed serve you for weeks before thinking of buying another one. Find it here at

DOPE CBD Vape Cartridges

Dope CBD Vapes have also been a massive hit. These little carts not only look amazing, but they taste amazing too. With flavors like Pineapple Express, Blue Dream, OG Kush, Sour Diesel (and many more) you'll be sure to find your favorite in no time. DOPE CBD Vape carts are carefully made with the highest quality, hemp-derived CBD, which gives it an edge in performance when compared to other similar products from other manufacturers.  These carts come in white (200mg) or black (400mg), that can last you through your lunch breaks, long car rides, or any other time you just feel the need to take a pull.  Another advantage of this product is that it is expertly made from the most amicable extraction procedures method, the CO2 extraction process. This process always leads to the production of the purest oil possible and, in turn, delivers an environmentally friendly cartridge for users. DOPE has been praised for having such high-quality carts. Find all the flavors here at

DOPE Branded Vape Battery

Make sure you get the matching DOPE Branded Vape Battery to match your delicious vape carts! These batteries are a combination of intelligent technology and wellness science. It mixed the invention of a wireless battery to provide a vape battery capable of producing CBD-infused products for the consumer to use. This unique product is well packaged with a 220mAh battery to ensure you can screw on your DOPE CBD Vape Cart and puff away. Find both colors here at

Wrapping up..

To sum up, if you're new to CBD, DOPE recommends you start with DOPE CBD Gummies and as you continue your CBD journey and feel you'd like to increase your MG, then DOPE CBD Capsules are for you! If you're more into external (or as we like to call- topical) CBD products, then DOPE CBD Body Butter may be a better fit. It smells and feels amazing. If you're more of an athlete and want to reap the CBD benefits in a more targeted form, then DOPE CBD Roll-On may be the one! It's compact and easy to throw in a gym bag. DOPE CBD Lip Balm is also a great option for everyone to keep in their pocket and use as needed! If you're more of the chill type or enjoy vaping, then our wide variety of DOPE CBD Vapes and Batteries will definitely be the best option. Find all of our products right here!